[NEW] 16. Lost Item (English Dialogue) – Role-play conversation for Kids
[NEW] 16. Lost Item (English Dialogue) – Educational video for Kids – Role-play conversation

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— Title: Lost Item —

John: Oh, my goodness! Where is my wallet?
Jessica: Oh, John, calm down. Think carefully.
John: Alright, let me think… Oh, no, I can’t!
Anne: When was the last time you saw your wallet?
John: I can’t remember. What should I do?
Anne: John, calm down. Let’s go check the Lost and Found.
John: Okay.

Staff: How may I help you?
Anne: My friend lost his wallet at the park today.
Staff: Can you explain to me what it looks like?
John: It’s a brown, square-shaped wallet. There is a letter J in the bottom left corner.
Staff: Ok. Give me a minute. Is it this brown wallet?
John: No, there is no J on it. And my wallet is a lighter brown than this.
Staff: Oh, I found it. Is this it?
John: Yes! That’s my wallet! Thank you, I really appreciate this!
Jessica: Hey, congrats!
John: Thank you so much, guys. I’m so happy I found my wallet! Oh, my goodness! I didn’t lose any money!
Anne: That’s great, John! Let’s have fun then!
Jessica: Alright! Let’s go ride a roller coaster!

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