[NEW] 15. At the Art Museum (English Dialogue) – Role-play conversation for Kids
[NEW] 15. At the Art Museum (English Dialogue) – Educational video for Kids – Role-play conversation

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— Title: At the Art Museum —

Tom: Wow! I’ve never seen such a huge art museum!
Anne: Tom, it’s not proper etiquette to speak that loudly.
Tom: Alright… Olivia, which art pieces are you looking at now?
Olivia: It’s the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci! I’ve always wanted to see this.
Tom: This is the famous eyebrow-less Mona Lisa!
Olivia: I cannot take my eyes off her eyes.
Tom: I want to take a picture with her!
Anne: No, Tom! We can’t take pictures in this museum~
Tom: Oh, I didn’t know that. I really wanted to take a photo with her.

Tom: Hmm… This painting is a little bit freaky. Its nose and eyes are twisted and the colors are so unrealistic.
Anne: That’s what makes an abstract painting so attractive. A painter expresses his own unrealistic expressions. This was painted by the most famous painter, Picasso.
Anne: This painting seems like the painter loves the stars and the moon a lot.
Olivia: This art piece was drawn with repetitive brush touches and fancy color tones.
Tom: That’s right. This is Vincent Van Gogh’s famous piece, ‘The Starry Night.’
Anne: What, Tom? Did you know about this painting?
Tom: Nope. I just saw its title at the bottom here. Haha.

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