[NEW] 10. Fun Science (English Dialogue) – Role-play conversation for Kids
[NEW] 10. Fun Science (English Dialogue) – Educational video for Kids – Role-play conversation

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— Title: Fun Science —

John: Fly away, balloon!
Roy: Haha, John. The balloon won’t fly away like that.
John: Huh? The balloons flew away with a house in the cartoon.
Roy: Those balloons were probably filled up with helium gas. You are exhaling carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen, so your balloon will not fly.
John: Oh! So, is helium lighter than oxygen?
Roy: That’s right!
John: Oh, I see. I thought balloons would always fly in the sky!

John: Oh!
Roy: I’m completely soaked!
John: Roy, does it rain on the moon?
Roy: The moon does not have air or water, so it never rains.
John: Aha! And everything in space floats. So will my balloon be floating in space too?
Roy: Well, your balloon contains air that you blew in, and the moon is in a vacuum state. What do you think will happen?
John: Well? Will it shrink?
Roy: No, think more.
John: Hm… BOOM?
Roy: That’s right! BOOM! There is a difference in pressure between outside and inside of the balloon, so the balloon gets bigger to equalize the pressure outside. Later, it will explode!
John: Oh, my goodness! My balloon!
Roy: People wear spacesuits for this reason. Astronauts wear spacesuits to protect their bodies!

John: Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought astronauts in spacesuits were just trying to look nice. Wow! Science is always mysterious! It’s so fun!
Roy: John, didn’t you say you want to be an astronaut?
John: That’s right! I want to be an astronaut.
Roy: Alright. I think going to our next class is what we have to do right now.
John: Oh, no! It’s time already! Let’s go!

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