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You can make a lot of cool toys yourself without spending a dime on new ones! All you have to do is to follow our awesome DIY tutorials and set your imagination free! We welcome you on the creative side!

You can make toys using seemingly inappropriate materials. For example, a cute froggy marionette can be made out of bottle caps and tissue paper rolls. In fact, these materials (that cost you nothing, and normally, people throw them away) can serve as cool material for other toys. Check out our awesome train!

Small plastic toys can become awesome jewelry! Check out a cute ring out of a doll’s head and lovely dog earrings! A bigger plastic toy (like that dinosaur we had) can be a phone stand and you can still use the front part as a hanger for your clothes.

Another awesome material for crafting toys for kids is paper! Paper is very easy to find in any home, it’s very affordable, and even if something goes wrong, you can always try to make a toy again taking a new sheet of paper. Check out that funny SpongeBob that we made! There’s also a lovely elephant and even a cool moving fish!

A busy board is a must-have in your home if there’s a toddler in your family. You can make it yourself. Use a big piece of wood or plastic. You can attach to it whatever you think will cause interest in a toddler – doorknobs, latches, buttons, switches, and what not! If you want to save up some space, you can make a busy cube.

Speaking of cubes, you have to check out that cool cube for learning numbers that we’ve made with our own hands! It’s so easy, yet it really helps to learn faster.

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make cute toys out of socks.


00:52 – Toy train
02:56 – Bean bag chair cover life hack
04:39 – Upcycling toy soldiers
09:16 – DIY busy board
12:13 – Toys made of socks

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